Preventive Maintenance 


« Expert assistance in electric,

mechanic or electronic parts »


Maintaining your container production operational requires having Technical Services that support the optimal operation of your Lines and reduce your investment in spare parts.

Preventive and scheduled maintenance allows you to keep your Production Line optimally operational, though certain necessary adjustments, setting up and repairs to minimise downtime and avoid considerable and costly breakdowns during times of major production.

You can plan the visit of our technicians in advance, at the beginning of your campaign or after it, to carry out the periodical maintenance and adjustment tasks for your systems and machines.

Tarí Mecanizados has:

  • An in-house department dedicated to providing technical assistance to companies in the container industry. Our technicians have over 12 years’ experience in repairing and maintaining machines of different manufacturers.
  • The Technical Service has a mobile warehouse with spare parts to replace damaged components for new ones immediately.
  • Mechanic, electric, and electronic maintenance.

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