Support Services (Spain)


« When faced with a breakdown and immediate support,

your problems become ours »


Having an Immediate Response Service could be the difference between meeting the deadlines agreed with your client or not.

Breakdowns, unexpected incidents or accidental breakages, system programming problems or malfunctions of the different components inevitably occur during the regular course of daily activity. Your production cannot be delayed and this requires urgent solutions. Having a repairs service could be difference between meeting the deadlines agreed with your client or not.

Tarí Mecanizados offers you an Immediate Response Service to get your production line up and running in the shortest time possible. There will be a technical team with over 25 years’ experience in container making machinery with a mobile stock of components and all the manufacturing capacity of our workshop to repair of manufacture the necessary components.

We can provide support in the mechanic, electric and electronic fields in small or large repairs, be it a job that entails just a couple of hours or up to a week's work, in our facilities or yours.

Some of our most regular work is:

  •        Engine, loader and transmission repairs.
  •        Breakage of shafts and components.
  •        Electric breakdowns.
  •        Electronic, control or programming problems.
  •        Repairs of heads, stapling systems, riveting, feed or distribution.

However, the most important is to get your machine up and running as soon as possible avoiding non-productive time.

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