Technical Support Over The Phone (Spain)


« Get immediate advice and solutions,

with the online assistance of our technicians. »


Many of the usual problems that delay or paralyse your production can be solved over the phone with the assistance of our technicians.

Tarí Mecanizados clients have a Technical Support Line during normal business hours (7 – 19 h) to make technical enquiries, facilitate a repair without on-site assistance or learn about our products and services.

With this service, you will save in technical assistance costs in your facilities and optimise your production by resolving your queries or enquiries. The liaison between our Assistance Department and your maintenance team enables:

  • Reducing non-productive time or downtime,
  • Keeping your timescales and manufacturing costs at bay,
  • Resolve problems in an swift manner, and
  • Anticipate any manufacturing contingency.

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