Technical Capacity


« Mechanical solutions, committed to you requirements, terms and qualities »


Tarí Mecanizados has an outstanding technical and productive capacity, the result of their long trajectory and experience in the precision machining and complex geometries.

We offer spare parts for integral mechanical manufacturing processes focused on: Manufacturing spare parts, equipment, prototypes or large series; Mechanical solutions for your production lines; Mainly for wooden container, automotive or food industries.

Tarí Mecanizados has:

  • A specialised team and a very complete workshop.
  • A flexible mechanical area with lathes, Numeric control centres with a fourth shaft.
  • Flat and cylinder grinding.
  • A wide range of equipment tools and verification devices.

The technical design team has cutting edge tools in industrial design with CAD CAM and experience in designing models and sets, so you can outsource your development and manufacturing processes. All this with a commitment to your requirements, deadlines and required quality.

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