Spare parts for Production lines


The manufacturing of spare parts and equipment for production lines is always a strategic matter. Your plant requires specific "JIT" solutions.

Our experience in this field will make this supply the most satisfactory solution, because it will reduce the assets in your stock, being Tarí Mecanizados who manufactures and stocks the spare parts, which you can purchase when needed. Your industry can simply not stop producing due to the lack of components. You can, therefore, count on ours:

  • Mechanical advice to your Technical Departments to reduce costs, optimise components or simplify geometries.
  • Planning your Maintenance Plan from the base with the historical record of breakdowns and repairs or the cycles of useful life of your spare parts to synchronise the fabrication according to your requirements.
  • Management of an in-house stock in our facilities, taking into account your manufacturing plan and safety levels.
  • Permanent collaboration with the maintenance, quality and engineering departments regarding your lines and department requirements.
  • Support for the repairs of devices or components.


» Immediate « "Just-in-time" spare parts to save on costs and reduce fixed assets. »

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