Tarí Mecanizados Today


Tarí Mecanizados has provided precision machining manufacturing services, supplied spare parts and offered machine manufacturing services since 1987, focusing their activities towards being:

A Global Solution Provider for the industry of wood crates for fruit and vegetables;

A "Just in Time" components and equipment provider for the Production Lines of several different Industrial sectors;

The main value that has driven the popularity of Tarí Mecanizados in the industrial sector continues to be their commitment to our clients’ deadlines, problems and requirements; standing out for its

  • High Technical and Productive Capacity,
  • The reliability and durability of our products, and
  • Being fully oriented towards quality and organisation.

A trajectory of more than 25 years backed by the satisfaction of our clients and the commitment of our professionals in generating effective and economical solutions according to the clients’ needs.

Our experience in different sectors has enabled us to gain knowledge and skills that are key elements to meet the most demanding industrial requirements.

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