Wooden Container Industry


Since the very beginning, Tarí Mecanizados worked for different suppliers of the companies working in the industry of wood crates for fruit and vegetables.

Traditionally, Tarí Mecanizados has manufactured these types of components and spare parts, and as a result of that experience, has position itself as a benchmark company in this industry in Spain.

Tarí Mecanizados has constantly been increasing its stock of spare parts and the range of services, to present Global Solutions for Products and Services for the industry of wood crates for fruit and vegetables, specially oriented towards meeting these requirements:

  • Repair and updating machinery.
  • Design and Building machinery.
  • Technical services.

With the acquisition of the files, components and other materials from the now extinct Cotecme Concursal, Tarí Mecanizados now has plans, electric circuit diagrams and documentation for machinery that has already been installed, to reinforce their position as Integrator of Services for the Wooden Container Industry in the entire value chain.


  • Manufacturing of spare parts compatible with various manufacturers
  • Building and Updating machinery
  • Immediate availability of spare parts (contact us)
  • Delivery in as little as 24h
  • Competitive prices as industrial competitor
  • In-house technical support: mechanical, electrical and electronic for repairs (contact us)
  • Ample experience in repairing machinery

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